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never, never Good News

October 24, 2011

War is Never Good News

– John Baptist Odama, Archbishop of Gulu, member of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative 

War is never, never Good News for humanity.
Its children are:
Destruction, it destroys what it claims to defend, save,
Loss of property, misery,
Desecration of human life
Falsehood, counter-accusations
Broken relationship,
Self-defeat of humanity,
Hatred, anger, revenge
Trauma, etc.

Those who intend
And plan to go to war
Or have started must know that the cry
Of the innocent like
Babies, children
Their mothers,
The elderly, indeed
The majority, will
Reach God.

Those architects and
Contractors of war
Will have to be accountable,
First witnesses
Against themselves
In front of God and

Let reason, trust, hope, courage and love
Dialogue triumph to
Save the sacred and
Precious human lives
In whichever country.


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